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I Believe in Love - Peter Gee

Peter Gee - The Bible - Cd 2018r.


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Thanks for the memories
I hold them in my heart
For all the times we've shared
How I loved you from the start
From the day that we first met
You took my breath away
Yes, I believe in love

Like a vision of angels
You fill my hopes and dreams
You are the most beautiful girl
That I have ever seen
When you smile, you shine so bright
Your hair, like golden sun
Yes, I believe in love

So many times
Some things we wish with all our hearts
Did life bring us together too late?
Now it's tearing me apart
And all the times I felt
You're too good for someone like me
Your beauty was forbidden for me

I will always love you

A perfect love
Given for the world
A cross of sacrifice
Bought forgiveness for us all
And if there's a kingdom
Where our hopes and dreams come true
I pray I'd be there with you
Thanks for the memories
You are a best friend to me
Your beauty amazes me
Yes, I believe in love
I will always love you
I still believe in love

(Song of songs 8.7, 1 John 4.10)

PETER GEE (Pendragon) z płyty "A visions of Angels"